Lemmyís Thoughts for February:

1.   Just some more of the same. Fall feeder futures were up in December and then dropped $5.00/cwt. for no real good reason. Now they are back to their previous higher levels.  You figure it out! If youíre grazing some yearlings this summer it might be something to think about.

2.   Cattle feeders had a dismal 2012. With no risk management, cash to cash resulted with almost $100.00 per head loss for the year. How much longer can they continue on this level? Only 2008 averaged a larger feeder loss in the past 33 years.

3.   Grass production is the ace in the hole for us here in the southeast. If you are going to be in the cattle business, you need to become a forage production specialist. Soil testing, liming and fertilizing according to the needs of your land is a must. Yes, it all costs but it still is the cheapest gain we can produce.

4.   Total cattle numbers will be tighter this year than we have seen in many a day. What is your plan for the future?

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