Wilson Livestock Network Inc

In 1982 Wilson Livestock Network introduced video marketing to beef producers of the Southeastern US which has changed the way load lots of cattle are marketed. We appreciate your interest  in Hodge Livestock Network and the opportunity  to present  your  cattle to our nationwide customer  buying base. For over forty years we have provided our customers with personalized service, quality and value in marketing cattle in the Southeast. Our large customer base  of consignors/ producers a greater opportunity for real price discovery.

We generally market cattle in trailer-load lots consisting of 47,000 to 50,000 pounds. We also market cattle in smaller groups as "LTL's" - less than loads with a minimum of twenty-five head. We have several producers combining their cattle making composite loads. These composite loads work well when the cattle are like breeds, size and from similar management and health programs.

The procedure we use to prepare cattle for marketing is as follows:

Marketing cattle with Hodge Livestock Network begins with a representative from our company visiting the producer/ consignors farm approximately 2-3 weeks prior to sale date. Once the producer agrees to consign the cattle, our representative will evaluate the cattle, video the cattle in their natural environment and prepare a consignment contract.

The evaluation includes: A description as to breed, frame size, muscling, fleshing and miscellaneous items such as horns, spots in eyes, warts along with other information to aid in describing the cattle.

If the cattle are "Home Raised" and can be source identified, we would like any EPD and/or production information from their sires. Also, any weaning or feed-out information from herd mates.

We include information on health programs for the cattle as to products used for vaccinations, worming, implants and supplemental feed.

Several state cattleman's associations and extension service personnel have programs to certify producers as "BQA" Beef Quality Assurance producers. Should you as a beef producer become BQA certified, we would like to identify your cattle as certified in our catalogue.

During the visit our representative along with the producer will decide upon the weighing conditions; also the range of delivery dates as to when the cattle are to be delivered to the purchaser.

We distribute the consignment information by video and written catalog form to our customer base one to one and a half weeks before the sale date.

The first Thursday of each  month beginning promptly at 10:00 AM Eastern Time, we have a nationwide conference call auction of all potential cattle buyers and producers.

The buyer will contact our representative, who in turn will contact the producer as to the date for delivering cattle. Our representative will again visit the farm, on the selected date of delivery to sort and load  the cattle as described and make official weights. The cattle are shipped directly from the farm to the buyers facility, thus greatly reducing stress, potential health problems and is much more efficient.

The payment procedure involves our representative relaying the official weights to our office which will make payment to the producer. The check is mailed from our office on the day of delivery.

If we can be of service in marketing your cattle or provide additional information on Hodge Livestock Network, we would appreciate you giving us a call at 1-800-654-6181.

Many thanks,


Lemmy Wilson Randy Hodge